Collins Veterans Home
Collins, Mississippi
Christmas 2006 at the Collins Veterans Home
Glenda Wheelis and Bobbie
Worrell bring Christmas cheer to
residents of the Collins Veterans
Home in December, 2006.
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi
We sponsored a nice Christmas party at the
Collins Veterans Home this year. We served
red sugar-free punch, meat and cheese, mints,
and a beautiful Christmas cake and diabetic
cookies. We had a record number of patients
in attendance, and all were happy and had a
good time.  We bought socks, candy, fruit cups,
etc., and put the items in little gifts bags.

For our seven lady veterans, we did a little
extra—they each received a nice pair of
pajamas.  Being a women’s organization, we
felt it our duty to do a little extra for each of
them.  There were also five male veterans that have no family or visitors, so we
bought each of them a jogging suit. With money being limited, we could not buy
nice gifts for all of our veterans there.  The “extra” gifts were given out in private
so no feelings would be hurt.  We also left many socks and things for the home’s
closet that would be available when a veterans needs something.

We were told they have two new residents that are homeless veterans.  We
want to help them in any way we can.  We are waiting on a call to let us know
their needs so we can begin to help them and show them how much the Auxiliary
cares for them and appreciates their service.

We are so thankful for our donations being designated for the Collins Veterans
Home.  Without you we could not do these monthly parties on behalf of the
Dept. of Mississippi.  Many thanks go out to Hattiesburg Unit 24, Pascagoula
Unit 160 and Petal Unit 146 for their donations.

We were also able to purchase a Karaoke player that was requested.  It is nice
to have two microphones; it makes it much easier for them to hear what we are
saying to them.

Our next party will be on Thursday, Jan. 11, at 2 p.m.  If anyone would like to
come and help or just visit, you would be most welcome.  This is a Department
project so all is welcome anytime.  We hope to get the veterans involved in
singing and participating in our party.  It is our hope to get some group therapy
and activities for them to enjoy.  We welcome any ideas or suggestions from
you, and please consider us when you get ready to make a donation to one of
the Veteran’s facilities.

Thanks again,

Bobbie Worrell and Glenda Wheelis, PDPs