Collins Veterans Home
Collins, Mississippi
Helping Veterans:  From Washington to Mississippi
Showing Off
Dept. President Glenda Wheelis
(right) and Sherrie Sykes (left)
show off the totes bags for the
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi
Mary Seaman, VA&R chairman of Unit 28 at Epharata, Washington, works
with a local nursing home on different projects through the year.  With
support from the Unit, some very special patients prepared 25 totes filled
with daily needs items.  You see, the residents are wives of Veterans who
wanted to help Veterans affected by Hurricane Katrina.   

Mary contacted our Dept. President Glenda Wheelis to arrange the delivery
of the bags to Mississippi.  It was decided to take the bags to the Collins
Veterans Home.  This facility sustained damage from the Hurricane, and the
residents there needed special attention during their recovery.

Five boxes were mailed to Glenda.  Along with Sherrie Sykes of Laurel and
Department Chaplain Angela Kilcrease, she took the bags to Collins on
Veterans Day and distributed the bags to 25 residents.

Judy Spencer, Activity Director at McKay, sent Glenda Wheelis the below
pictures of the residents preparing the tote bags.  She said to Glenda in an
e-mail, "we really had a great time doing it for you.  Mary (Seaman) is a
great volunteer for the American Legion.  Thanks for accepting this token
for the Vets who have done so much for our freedom."

The members of the Department of Mississippi join together in a
great, big THANK YOU to Mary Seaman and the wonderful residents
of McKay Healthcare for thinking of us during this time.  We will
never forget your kindness and goodwill.  God bless you all.
Our Collins VA
Home Veterans