Histories Aren't Hard!
Department of Mississippi
American Legion Auxiliary

Or, they don’t have to be if you use all your sources!

Unit Historians are asked to write a history of the Unit’s activities for the year, beginning with the
installation of officers to State Convention.

It’s easy if you know where to get information:

Ask your Unit secretary to give you a copy of the unit meeting minutes each month…a great source
of proceedings of the Unit!

Ask each Unit program chairman to share a copy of their mid-year and year-end reports with you.  
You can get cumulative information on Unit activities from these reports.  And, in good time, too, as
reports typically are due by May 1.

Does your Unit produce a monthly newsletter for it members?  This is another good source of
information for your history.

Work closely with the Unit’s PR chairman…newspaper articles are also a good source of history—
and it’s already written for you!  

Past histories are a great source for how to organize your Unit History.  Rely on the past to guide
your way.

Ask for advice.  Look to members who have served as historian for guidance and advice.