Leadership Program
Mary Barrett
Leadership Chairmen

Nancy Sanders
Vice Chairman
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi

1. BE OPTIMISTIC--Expect the best from members and officers and you will usually get it.  A
good leader should show the way by being enthusiastic.

BE POSITIVE--Praise and encourage people.  A good leader should always be watchful
and take time to recognize the talents of others.  Don't go around putting people down or
spreading rumors.

BE GENUINELY INTERESTED IN OTHERS--  Make each member feel that what she
provides to the Unit is valuable.  If people feel as though you don't care about them, they will
not support you.

SMILE--A smile shows interest and caring.  "Smile and the world smiles with you..."

DEVELOP A SENSE OF HUMOR--Be willing to laugh at yourself.  Do not take your
position or yourself to seriously.

CALL PEOPLE BY NAME--Calling people by name shows an interest in them and
makes them feel important. There's nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting and
people love the sound of their own name.

LISTEN TO PEOPLE--Truly listen; you must try to see things from the other person's point
of view.  Recognize that each person will have a different style.  Show respect for the other
person's opinions.  When you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.

ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES--This give you the opportunity to
listen and learn.  Be interested in people.

HELP OTHERS--Open and honest relationships in which people help each other are the
best ones. Be alert to give service.  What counts most in life is what we do for others.

THINK BEFORE YOU ACT--Use good manners, be polite, watch your language and try
to keep emotions in check.  Before you say or do things, think about possible
consequences.  there are usually three side to a controversy; yours, hers and the  right side.
The Leadership program is designed to develop and prepare knowledgeable and capable
leaders to carry on the growth and success of the Auxiliary by promoting activities and
resources that educate, motivate and mentor members of all ages and at all levels.
Your stated objectives for the year (from the Dept. Plan of Action) are:

1.        Develop future leaders at all levels of the organization.
2.        Enhance leaders’ knowledge about ALA history, programs and organization..
3.        Encourage the use of Auxiliary reference documents and materials, such as the Unit
          Handbook and Constitution & Bylaws.
4.        Foster the mentoring program, utilizing the knowledge and experiences of members.
5.        Nurture a culture of goodwill at all levels of the organization.

Objectives: (These are two activities that our Units can do this year that will contribute to the
overall Dept. program.)

1.        Encourage Unit Leadership Chairmen to ask Unit members to take the Auxiliary
Basics Leadership Course and monitor administration of test.  We want Mississippi  to
have a record number of members pass the course.
2.        Encourage all units to participate in District Workshops, known as Units Retreat.

Leadership: Auxiliary Basics Course (Updated), Senior Members

Key dates (events, deadlines) to know:
1.        Mid-year report to Dept. Chairman by Dec. 1, 2016
2.        Year-end report to Dept. Chairman by May 1, 2017
3.        Leadership Courses may be submitted to National anytime, but let’s get them
completed for this year by May 1, 2017, for our report to National.

Other Leadership Tools:

Mentorship Agreement