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National Convention 2006 Memories
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi
Members of the Department of Mississippi traveled great
distances to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 2006 National
Convention.  2005-06 Department President Glenda Wheelis, left,
led her delegation westward ho!
Shirley Turner (left) and
Glenda Wheelis (right) wait
at the airport to board their
plane to Salt Lake City.
We enjoyed many functions and meetings.  We were able to fellowship, sightsee, and enjoy
the convention.   
All in all, it was an enjoyable trip, one we will always remember!

For more photo memories,
visit our album.
1. The Mississippi delegation (left) met after the Southern Division meeting to discuss upcoming resolutions to be brought before the convention. 2.
The lobby (center) of the hotel became a popular meeting spot for the Mississippi delegation.  3. Utah was a beautiful, rugged sight for the beholder,
with sunflowers blooming in abundance at every turn.
1.  National President Carol Van Kirk (left) led the convention in grand style.  2. The convention opened in patriotic style with a wonderful high
school show choir (center) providing the entertainment.  3.  The President's luncheon honored our Women of the Year, including our own Shelby
Bird (center of above delegation).
1.  President Wheelis and membership chairman (1st V.P.) Shirley Turner (left) accepted Mississippi's award for 100% membership--centerstage!    
2.  Mississippi's delegation was designated a 100% department at our seating area.  3.  The Mississippi delegation (right) formed for the parade
down the streets of Salt Lake City.
1.  A group mug (left) of Madeline Vuncannon, Glenda Wheelis, Angela Kilcrease, and Patricia Trest.  2.  The Morman Tabernacle Choir was a
main draw for convention attendees on Sunday morning.  3.  Some of our members (right) at the President's luncheon--the Pasgacoula delegation,
Sharon Langley of Wesson and Glenda.
President George W. Bush addressed
The American Legion Convention on
Thursday.  Amid threats of protest,
called for by the mayor of Salt Lake
City, the Legion family welcomed the
President warmly and respectfully.