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National Commander Clarence Hill
with Juniors from Unit 112 in
Jackson.  L to r: Sara Jo Housley,
Dept.  Little Miss Poppy and Unit 112
Junior President; Commander Hill;
Jessica Patterson; and (middle,
front) Sara Grace Mitchell.
Our Juniors      
Department of Mississippi
American Legion Auxiliary
Dept. Junior Activities Committee
member Samantha Tubbs and her
twin sister Savannah (not pictured) ,
quickly coordinated a raffle at the
2010  Mid-Winter Conference and
raised over $300 for Junior
President Savannah's special
project, Cystic Fibrosis.
National President Rita Navarette (right)
addresses the Junior meeting at Mid-Winter
Conference in January 2010.
Junior Auxiliary membership
for girls under the age of 18 is
a training ground which prepares
young women for active adult
membership. Junior activities
and programs reflect and
support the work of the
Auxiliary and instill the
ideals of the organization.

The Junior program is an
important step in the transition
from childhood to responsible
adulthood. At age 18, Junior
members automatically are
eligible for full, active
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We Serve!
We Honor!
Junior Activities News – November 2013

Happy November!!

I hope all the Junior Activities have been going well in your Units.  Please share your
activities and praise your girls on the Department of Mississippi Juniors Activities Facebook
page.  I know that parades are fast coming up, share what your girls are doing.

The patch for November is the VA & R Patch, I hope you all are working with your girls. You
can find patch information on https://

Veterans Day is also coming up and I am sure Posts/Units have activities planned.  Please
include your Junior Girls in your activities.  The girls need to be involved and volunteer right
alongside of you.  This is where they will get experience in
volunteering to serve our Veterans and gain positive volunteer
experiences that instill the ideals of the Auxiliary.

Keep up the good work!!

Penny Press, Chairman
Junior Auxiliary Christmas Paper
sale at Unit 112, with Jessica.
Dept. President (2009-10) Angela Kilcrease
with Little Miss Poppy  of Glen Crosby Unit
165 in Cleveland and National Commander
Clarence Hill.