Mid-Winter Conference 2006     
Carol Van Kirk
National President
Special Guest
Department of Mississippi
American Legion Auxiliary
Battlefield Inn, Vicksburg, Miss.
January 20-22, 2006

WHEREAS, the Mid-Winter Conference was held at the Battlefield Inn at Vicksburg, and the
hospitality and accommodations were very satisfactory;

WHEREAS, we were welcomed by Christy Kilroy, from the Mayor of Vicksburg's office;

WHEREAS, we received warm greetings from the National President of the American Legion
Auxiliary, Carol Van Kirk;

WHEREAS, greetings were received from Michael Harris, National Vice Commander of the
American Legion and from Carl Flanders, Supervisor of District 4, Warren County;

WHEREAS, greetings were received from the Honorary Dept. Junior President, Sara Jo
Crosby Housley;

WHEREAS, we received a visit from the "Bag Lady," (a.k.a. Mary Lyles of Pascagoula Unit
160) and our Department Commander Charles Scott;

WHEREAS various raffles were held for the Department Support Fund, raising $2,500, and
the President's Special Project;

WHEREAS, the Poppy Corsage Contest raised more than $250 for the Veteran's Creative Arts

WHEREAS, we regretfully received the resignation of the Department Secretary Tommie

WHEREAS, we enjoyed a most delightful evening of entertainment by members of the Legion
Family on Friday evening, along with a Cake Walk;

WHEREAS, we enjoyed a delightful conference led by Dept. President Glenda Wheelis;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED this resolution be filed in the Dept. Office of the American
Legiona Auxiliary of the Department of Mississippi.

This the twenty-second day of January, 2006.
Glenda Wheelis
Department President
Row 1:  Left, Mary Lyles, of
Pascagoula Unit 160, posed
as Bag Lady; right, PDP
Overia Coleman (left) always
bakes a cake to raise money
for the Support Fund.  Jean
Covey of Unit 112 in Jackson
was the lucky winner.  Jo
Jeanfreau of Laurel 11
helped push the raffle sales.

Row 2:  Left, the Legion
family takes part in the Cake
Walk Friday evening to raise
money for the Support Fund;
right, Page Emma Simpson
gives Nancy Sanders her
door prize she just won.

Row 3:  Left, PDP Martha
Rodgers dresses up as
Mama for a hilarious skit on
Friday evening; right, junior
marches in Juniors Parade.

Row 4: Left,  (left to right)
PDPs Bobbie Worrell and
Janice Crosby, along with
1st Vice Shirley Turner and
Dept. President Glenda
Wheelis lend their talents as
backup singers for Friday
evening's entertainment;
right, President Glenda
presents the Juniors to the
membership after they
parade into the meeting
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