Mid-Winter Conference 2007     
Madeline Vuncannon
Dept. President
Department of Mississippi
American Legion Auxiliary
Battlefield Inn, Vicksburg, Miss.
January 19-21, 2008

The 2008 Mid-Winter Conference was held again at the Battlefield Inn in Vicksburg, and the
hospitality and accommodations were satisfactory as usual.  

The Dept. President Madeline Vuncannnon called the conference to order at 1:30 p.m. on
Friday  After the formal opening and introduction of officers and Past Dept. Presidents by
Convention Chairman Mary King, President Vuncannon  called forDepartment Program reports.

We has several guests, including representatives from the VA ( Betty Martin, State VA Board of
Directors for Claims), a representative for the mayor of Vicksburg; Richard George, Supervisor
of District 5, Warren County; John Clark Packer, who talked about the facilities of the Blair E.
Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson; and a representative from the USO Gulfport Office.

Dept. Program Chairmen gave informative reports.  Here are some highlights:
  • Membership reported the formation of a new unit at Meridian
  • Lorene Martin encouraged all Units to contribute to AEF--we've certainly received more
    than we've given!
  • A Poppy Corsage and Arrangement Contest raised money for the Creative Arts Festival;
    $1 per vote; the juniors of Unit 112 won the contest
  • The juniors, under the leadership of Honorary Junior Dept. President Marlee Pollenitz,
    were presented to the membership.  Marlee gave her address to the membership.
  • More than 140 senior and junior members attended Mid-Winter
  • Fifteen Past Dept. Presidents were in attendance
  • Dept. of Mississippi Commander Joe Kersh addressed the delegation and spoke of
    unity and importance of working our membership
  • The highlight of the conference was the Live Auction put on by Support Fund Chairman
    Phyllis Moran and President Madeline Vuncannon.  The event was well attended and
    the night ended with a whopping net for the fund--more than $1,700.

All in all, we enjoyed a delightful conference led by Dept. President Madeline Vuncannon.
Pictured top left, Dept. Secretary Nancy Sanders reports at the pre-conference Executive
Committee meeting; at right, our District Presidents clown for the cameras before the session;
middle left, Dept. Adjutant Johnny Bracy look over the "goods" for the Silent Auction; middle
right, PDP Martha Rodgers shows off yet another table of "goods" for sale at the auction.  At
bottom left, President Vuncannon addresses the Legionnaires; at right, State Commander Joe
Kersh addresses the Auxiliary delegation.
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