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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi
AMERICANISM -Wendy Walters, Chairman
The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship and strives to uphold and
promote American ideals and the principles of democracy.   The goal of the Auxiliary's Americanism program is
to educate every citizen on the fundamentals of American government, the Bill of Rights and the value of active,
informed involvement in the home, in the Auxiliary organization and in the community. Most successful
Americanism programs are cooperative efforts between an Auxiliary Unit and its community. Contributions
donated to the Spirit of Youth Foundation by individuals, organizations and members' estates, benefit young
people through such programs as the Americanism Youth Conference at Freedom's Foundation and the National
President's Scholarship program.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is an excellent example of the Auxiliary's dedication to "Women Helping
Women." The fund, established in 1969, is supported by memorial contributions from Auxiliary Units and
members. It provides temporary emergency financial assistance to Auxiliary members who have exhausted all
other personal and community resources. For members who find themselves suddenly single, deserted, divorced,
or widowed, with no skills to support themselves or their families, the Displaced Homemakers Fund provides
immediate aide to help the member acquire new job skills through schooling or job training.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH - Patsy Welch, Chairman
The Auxiliary's Children and Youth program provides care and strives to improve conditions for all children. The
program works to preserve the integrity of the family unit and takes a realistic approach to the needs of children by
considering the physical and spiritual, as well as the emotional and educational aspects, of each situation. The
Children and Youth program cooperates with many other public and private community agencies and
organizations and supports essential legislation for children at the national, state, and local levels. In some cases,
the program offers direct financial assistance and services to individual children or to the families of veterans.
Auxiliary members also contribute to The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, which was established in
1954 to fund special programs and projects which emphasize preventative solutions to difficult children's issues.
Educating members and the general public about these issues is a primary goal of the Auxiliary's Children and
Youth program.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Beverly Cottom-Pugh, Chairman
The Auxiliary's Community Service program is based on the premise that no organization has a right to exist
within the community without giving something to that community in return. Community service helps to make
our communities better places in which to live. Auxiliary members study community needs, recommend projects,
raise funds and donate their time to accomplish their specific objectives. Special attention is given to the
selection of each project to ensure that the work of other organizations is not duplicated. Auxiliary Units also
provide assistance on Community Service projects sponsored by American Legion Posts and work with other
organizations to implement practical, worthwhile projects for the benefit of the community. Some examples
include, blood drives, first aid and CPR training, child safety programs, support for women in shelters, donations to
shelters for the homeless, tree plantings, recycling programs, and disaster and emergency preparedness programs.

CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS - Barbara Hubbard, Chairman
The Auxiliary's Constitution and Bylaws program encourages Auxiliary members to study and understand the
organization's formal written policies and procedures, particularly as they relate to the rights and benefits of
membership. Members are encouraged to review the Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws on an annual basis and
may submit ideas for review and possible change.

EDUCATION - Cindy Harper, Chairman
Auxiliary members believe that a solid educational foundation is the cornerstone of American freedom. The
Auxiliary's Education program promotes quality education for every child and supports students in their desire to
continue their education beyond high school. Auxiliary members work actively with educators and local schools
to develop and maintain an educational system that serves the needs of all children at every level. Auxiliary
volunteers sponsor and support state and national education legislation; establish new scholarship opportunities
for students; alert eligible students to existing scholarship resources; help students identify career opportunities
and professional job requirements; and encourage students to plan early for college and apply for scholarship

GIRLS STATE/GIRLS NATION -Angela Kilcrease, Chairman/Director
Girls State is a nonpartisan program that teaches young women responsible citizenship and love for God and
Country. Since the inception of the Girls State program in 1937, nearly one million young people have had the
opportunity to learn first-hand how their state and local government works. High school girls, having completed
their junior year spend an intensive week of study, working together as self-governing citizens at Auxiliary
-sponsored Girls State programs in every state. They learn how to participate in the functioning of their state's
government in preparation for their future roles as responsible adult citizens. Two girls are selected from each
Girls State program to attend Girls Nation, a national government training program. Girls Nation "senators" meet
for a week in Washington, D.C., where they run for political office, campaign for the passage of legislation and
meet with state Representatives and Senators. Capping off the week of Girls Nation is a meeting with the
President of the United States at The White House.

JUNIOR ACTIVITIES - Sherry Smith, Chairman
Junior Auxiliary membership for girls under the age of 18 is a training ground which prepares young women for
active adult membership. Junior activities and programs reflect and support the work of the Auxiliary and instill
the ideals of the organization. The Junior program is an important step in the transition from childhood to
responsible adulthood. At age 18, Junior members automatically are eligible for full, active membership.  

LEADERSHIP - Mary Barrett, Chairmen
The success of any organization depends largely upon the skill and competence of its leaders. Auxiliary members
are vitally concerned with developing present and future leadership within the organization. Comprehensive
training courses and materials are offered in every Auxiliary Department and by the National organization.
Courses focus on fundamental management and communication skills and outline the basic responsibilities and
leadership opportunities which are available within the many programs of the Auxiliary. Units and Departments
conduct leadership workshops with motivational speakers to increase enthusiasm for all Auxiliary programs.